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Creative Business Financing: Are You Letting Your Bottom Line Hold You Back?

Creative business financing is essential. Businesses aren't successful unless they're creative: no two ways about it. In the micro cap world, you're either finding new ways to move up the ladder (or circumvent it entirely), or you're falling down. The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2003 that there were more entrepreneurs operating in the U.S. economy than ever before; and the numbers of new businesses continue to grow at a startling rate. To stay on top, you'll have to maximize your strategic business and strategic media planning without error. In this article, we'll introduce some long-established (though oft ignored) methods of expanding your bottom line without breaking into your cash reserves.

Make Use of Equity Financing

No matter how much strategic business planning you do, there is nothing harder than getting over the nano hump. Without constant monetization, savings, and discovery of new, creative business opportunities, your successful business idea is going to stagnate below the seven-zero range. What tools do you need to break over the nano hump, and stay there?

  • Angel Investors

    Since the eighties, angel investors have grown ever more vital to the strength of the small business economy. Angel investors have the capability of helping to fund your business when your family can't raise enough, and no bank or venture capital firm is going to touch you. During this point in time, an angel investors group can potentially save you from years of struggle and anti-climax; by providing the investment funds needed in trade for a piece of your company valued at a set price as collateral, angel investors can easily invest enough in your company (whether in terms of cash, industrial capital, or strategic media planning and cost effective advertising) to boost your profit margins and market agility.

  • Barter Networks

    Wait-isn't barter dead? Not by a long shot. In fact, it's growing almost as fast as your competition; barter networks offer one invaluable asset to your creative business financing efforts: flexibility. When you join a barter network, you allow yourself the invaluably creative business opportunity to get a number of vital business growth assets for zero cash. There is very little that can't be obtained through barter trade companies: everything from lunch, to clothes, advertising, and high-end computer hardware can be bought without cash.

Strategic Media Planning: Cash Got Your Tongue?

If you're a publicly traded company without an effective advertising budget, you may as well be a mime with no face paint. Companies without a strategic media plan for cost effective advertising constantly worry about things such as:

  • How will you let your potential customers know about your product?
  • How will you entice investors?
  • How will you continue to grow?

Cost effective advertising funding is much simpler than you might think:

Equity financing to meet strategic media planning goals

So you've already completed your IPO, made it past the barons of the SEC, and people actually have an interest in being a part of what you do. But it's not been too long, and you don't want to scare away potential (or existing) investors by selling any more stock to fund that next leap up the ladder. Equity financing doesn't necessarily have to be as loud as it is in the Dow Jones, or even in the S&P; venture capital firms can silently and discreetly provide you with that extra boost for your strategic media planning; and all they ask for is an equal amount of stock as collateral for the loan (and a slice of the profits, of course).

As appealing as venture capital and angel investment equity financing are to the nano cap entrepreneur, barter has more to offer. Click here to find out more about what barter can do for your creative business financing goals.

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