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Creative Financing Methods Increase American Revenue

Since 1970, venture capital investors (also known as angel investors) have funded the maturation of over 26,000 American companies via creative equity financing loans, establishing barter networks, consolidating advertising resources, and building relationships with firms in the field of media buys to provide cost effective strategic media planning.

Thirty Years Later: The State of Venture Capital Today

Venture capital is stronger today than ever before, spurring the growth of hundreds of new start-ups and micro caps every year. Research from a leading industry analysis firm demonstrates rapid growth in all fields for venture backed firms: a result of the now overwhelming connectivity and effort between equity financing experts, barter networks, and media buyers to bring the full potential of new technology to fruition. On average, venture capital backed firms experience two percent more annual salary growth per year, and grew 10.6 million jobs between 2000 and 2003 alone: up 6.5% from the previous period. In contrast, the national average fell 2.3%. Several of the world's strongest companies have risen from venture chaperoned adolescence, including, among others, Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Creative Financing With Venture Capital

It is much easier and simpler than many people think to begin building advertising resources to fund new media campaigns, or outsource your media campaigns to media buys in order to save and increase revenue without cash; the simple, creative financing methods that allow for this kind of flexibility is held within one word, strongly related to venture capital, yet so seemingly archaic that most people ignore it entirely: barter. All venture capital financing is, essentially, is barter. Let's run through the process of acquiring venture capital backing, briefly:

  • Establish a creative product, service, or even simply an idea.
  • Market that idea to friends, family, and co-workers; this doesn't mean manipulate them; marketing is, by and large, the process of letting people know where and how, specifically, to go about getting what they want (and reminding them what they want it for, and why).
  • Once you have raised enough money, either through borrowing or saving, create a cost-effective strategic business plan.
  • Angel investors bridge the gap between borrowing and high-end barter, or venture capital. They provide cash to nano cap (below micro cap, which is below small cap) companies in exchange for a negotiated amount of stock in your company. The negotiation process is, quite simply, barter: you are providing your product, in whatever form, as a trade for other services angel investors have at their disposal.
  • ADVERTISE, Advertise, advertise! Set up creative media campaigns to get your product off the ground. Your angel investors will help plan this out with you.
  • Once you reach the micro cap level, venture capital investors will be sure to back you with their own creative financing methods if your product is as good as you have marketed it to be: a likely bet, considering you've made it this far.

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